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Winter Box #3 – B is for Beets and bok choy,

C is for carrots and chard. I absolutely love the color variety in the baby carrots (orange and yellow and purple) and the Swiss chard (yellow and red stems)!  With all those vivid colors, it has to be healthier, right? … Continue reading

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The new “Inner Circle” – How my CSA has changed

As I mentioned once upon a time, my farmer decided to change his CSA.  Rather than a weekly box of surprise vegetables and an “Iron Chef” type challenge, now we get to choose what is in our box.  I saw … Continue reading

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Winter CSA Box 4 – Finally, a use for all those radishes! Smoked Turkey

In addition to being ridiculously busy at work, we replaced the carpet in two rooms with hardwood floors – at Christmas.  What were we thinking?!  The computer lives in the dining room, which was the first room to get new … Continue reading

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Cooking the Recipes of Others – Beef and Bok Choy Pie and General Tso’s Chicken

Sometimes recipes online don’t work as well as advertised.  I won’t describe those.  But lately, I have had very good luck trying other’s recipes to use up my CSA vegetables. First, I tried Kirsten’s Beef and Bok Choy pie from … Continue reading

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Winter CSA – Box #2 – I thought it was romaine….

Since my winter CSA boxes aren’t delivered every week, I need to call it Box #2 instead of Week #2.  To add to the confusion, our next box is next week, only one week! No delay or chance to eat … Continue reading

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Home Fries Breakfast Jumble

I’ve talked about how popular breakfast potatoes are at our house, but even more than potatoes, I like a full blown scramble with vegetables, meat, and scrambled eggs; the works! I started out frying bacon in my big cast iron … Continue reading

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Crock Pot Pot Roast with Sun Dried Tomatoes and Bok Choy Gremolata

This is my favorite pot roast recipe.  I had small potatoes and whole carrots from the past few weeks’ CSA boxes and this was the meal I had been waiting for. I started with: 2-2.5 lb. rump roast salt                                     Salt … Continue reading

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