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Saturday Upsides @ Recipes Happen

Bonnie at Recipes Happen  has started Saturday Upsides: A weekly opportunity to find the good in something that we maybe didn’t think was so good at first glance.  Ever since she started Saturday Upsides, I’ve wanted to participate, but haven’t … Continue reading

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All Afternoon Tomato Sauce

I’ve been getting pretty good at a quick, weeknight evening tomato sauce, but I have really been wanting to make a thick, slow cooking sauce that simmers and has a deeper richer flavor.  Today was my day.   While I … Continue reading

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Week 21 – Some hits (savory apples and chicken) and one miss already

This week we had a yellow skinned watermelon, with red flesh, a cantaloupe, corn, red radishes, tomatoes, apples, eggplant, potatoes, bell peppers and kale. I took an extra eggplant and some apples from the share box.  I am going to … Continue reading

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London Broil with corn fritters and roasted veggies

I had thawed a chuck roast, but didn’t have a plan for how to cook a roast in an evening in time for dinner after work.   This small roast was easily re-characterized as a large steak, which made my choices … Continue reading

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Cantaloupe Cooler

Last week, I ran across a recipe that juiced cantaloupe.  I love it when someone  comes up with an idea that never occurred to me!  🙂 The original recipe was posted in a Friday Foodie blog post on Brown Paper … Continue reading

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Roasted Zucchini and Garlic Soup

Okay, Ms. LV Anderson over at Slate Magazine doesn’t like zucchini.  She describes them as bland and watery, and only edible when completely unrecognizable.  I will agree with her assertion that they can  at times become “overwhelmingly, frighteningly prolific.” I … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Emmy Cooks:
While we’re enjoying September’s fine harvest of assorted spicy peppers, why not preserve a few to enjoy when the season is over? Honestly, my standard method for preserving peppers (of any kind) is to slice…

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