Thai Chicken Noodle Soup (kid friendly version)

Today I wanted a dinner that is quick, used my zucchini and kale, and was something the kids would actually eat without too much complaining.  That was a pretty tall order, but they ate everything, so I must have pulled it off.
First I preheated the oven to 425°.

In a cast iron pan, I heated 1 T. canola oil over high heat and cooked chicken breasts for 4 minutes on each side until they were golden.

This pan went in the oven  for about 4 minutes, then I turned the chicken and cooked for about another 2 minutes.  When the chicken was done, I removed it from the pan and let it sit on a cutting board.

At the same time, I cooked bucatini noodles according to the package instructions.  These noodles look like spaghetti, but they are hollow tubes (kind of like long thin macaroni).  These are great in a dish like this that has a thinner broth, because as you suck them into your mouth, the sauce clings to the outside and sucks through the inside of the noodle.  We accomplished this without completely forgetting our manners, I promise!

I cubed 1  1/2 c.  zucchini and 1 c. chopped kale.  I put the pan from the chicken back on the stove and heated just over 1 T. sesame oil, then I added the zucchni and kale, cooking until they were softened, but not limp.  When cooked , I added 1 T. low sodium soy sauce.

In the food processor, I processed 1/4 c. chicken stock, 1/4 c. water, salt and a  nickel sized chunk of candied ginger, chopped.

In bowls, I layered noodles, then the kale/zucchini mixture, then the chicken cut into thin slices, then divided the broth between the bowls.  I add some lime slices, and I served sriracha sauce on the side in case anyone wanted to get “spicy“.

Finished Thai Soup

I know there are more exciting Thai soups out there, but my kids ate everything without complaint, and I was able to spice my bowl up to suit my tastes, without driving them away.

This went together really quickly, in less than an hour from beginning prep work to sitting down to eat.  Considering I had no plan when I got home, I am proud of myself.  🙂     This only made three meal sized bowls, so if I were feeding more than just three of us tonight, I would at least double the quantities.

About csamom

Living in Eastern Washington State for the past 15 years, I appreciate the wonderful produce we have available here. I am a working mom, with the typical active family. We have two children, a cat, a fish, and a snake.
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