Week 19 – More fruit, plus Zucchini

This week I got a honeydew melon, apples, and peaches.  Also zucchini (I’m thinking time for more brownies), bell peppers, tomatoes, corn and kale.

The flash keeps going off, so it looks a little haunting. But trust me, it smells like a spa in here. 🙂

The bundle of lavender is a nice touch.  I popped it into a vase and now my kitchen is very soothing.

Oh, and there was a bag of salad greens!  September does seem a bit late for mixed salad greens, but I had to buy lettuce last week at the grocery store and it just felt wrong.  Earlier in the season, people were complaining about too many greens, and now, I at least, am thrilled to have them.

I started drying cubed apples and peaches to use in a dried fruit granola bar I have been thinking of making.

The zucchini, kale and tomatoes will be used in a lasagna (I do have thawed ground beef left over from the Not Egg Rolls).

My daughter found the melon baller last week, so that is our new way to eat melon.  A different shape is always more fun.  😉   Sliced bell pepper on a pizza and as snacks, and I should be through this box in a jiffy.

About csamom

Living in Eastern Washington State for the past 15 years, I appreciate the wonderful produce we have available here. I am a working mom, with the typical active family. We have two children, a cat, a fish, and a snake.
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3 Responses to Week 19 – More fruit, plus Zucchini

  1. inherchucks says:

    how do you dry your fruit? dehydrator?

    Come and link up to this weeks CSA link party when you get a chance. http://inherchucks.com/2012/08/30/whats-in-the-box-41/. Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

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